Friday, May 6, 2011

So(y), What?

Following E’s last doctor’s appointment we decided to do another trial with soy. The allergy prick test came back negative (again) and the Doctor said he wasn’t allergic or perhaps had grown out of his allergy. So, I picked up some supplies. Because soy products would make life THAT much easier.

Past soy allergy reactions for E have been irritability and poor sleeping, stomach cramps, diarrhea the following morning and a rash developing around the mouth appearing up to a week later.

I started the weekend off with some crackers with soy lecithin in them and I watched over him for the two-day trial. He had normal sleep habits and didn’t seem to have any tummy cramps. Next up was some chocolate chips with soy lecithin in them and soy buttery spread (rather than soy free) baked in some cookies. Later in the week I tried soy milk; starting with a couple added ounces to his cup of rice milk and gradually adding more. More recently we have been using soy sauce and other marinades, soy cream cheese and soy yogurt!

I’m jumping for joy (but knocking on wood at the same time). I’ve given Mrs. X the okay to start giving him soy products at day care too.

Adding soy has definitely made things a little easier now. I don't like the idea of too much soy in E's diet because of all the negative effects I've read about, but I am happy for some more options. I will, however, not be eating these products because I find them disgusting and I just can't stomach them. Soy milk is tolerable, but I would rather keep brown rice milk in the house. The cheeses and yogurts? Gag. E loves them though (because it's all he knows) and I'm happy to provide him with a little more variety.

An update on the milk allergy - our appointment with gastroentology at CHEO is booked for the end of September!


  1. Fantastic news!! Just makes life that much easier. Fingers remain crossed for you.

  2. That's great news! Hope to hear more positive things after your appointment in September.

  3. awesome news. hoping september brings more great news!