Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A new nephew and a great long weekend

There is a baby boom happening in my family. Before E was born, there was only two grandchildren, girls.  It was about time we started making up some ground with some new grandchildren for my parents.  After E was born 2 years ago in April, his three baby boy cousins appeared with 9 months (one in May, then September, then in January).  Four new baby boys within 9 months has been exciting. I am so happy E has cousins that he will grow up with. My three sister-in-laws and myself have been able to share pregnancies and our new motherhood journeys together. It makes going back home that much more fulfilling.

Well, round two just started! My brother and partner welcomed their second little boy this Wednesday. And my other brother and SIL have recently announced they are due with their second (sex unknown) in November! Will the boy streak continue?

I am so happy for the safe and healthy arrival of baby boy #5 this week. From the pictures he looked absolutely adorable.  I decided to make a last minute trip to meet my new nephew this weekend.  He came four days early and I couldn't wait until my original scheduled visit next weekend to see him!  He was just three days old and oh, how I missed and forgot about that sweet baby smell.  Can you tell I have a touch of baby fever?

I was too caught up with my own infant at home and the trials and tribulations of being a first time mom that I didn't put as much effort into welcoming my first three nephews  as much as I would of liked. I kind of regret that.  I didn’t get to see them right away because we only had one car back then.  I missed out on their early days.  With nephew #4 here now, I was excited to welcome him and his Mommy and Daddy with gifts.  I used my own advice and put together some bags of goodies for them, including some baked goods, home made soup, tea and small gifts and treats.  I hope they enjoy it.  Is there anything better than receiving food after you had a baby?

E got some quality time in with his cousins especially playing with the trains and in the sand box, although his cousins got a little dirtier than him. Uh oh, I think we have a city boy!  The highlight - checking out my brothers chicken coop full of organic baby chicks and turkeys. "Hi chickens!" My highlight was getting the scoop from the my SIL on her second natural birthing experience (inspiring!) and of course holding my new nephew.  Side note - my SIL was running around after her toddler and taking pictures.  You would have never guessed she gave birth three days prior!

We had a short but sweet visit visiting my parents which included dancing in the kitchen with Grandma, a very good boy in church (which requires another full post), jumping on the trampoline and touring the barn with Grandpa. The highlight - watching Grandpa cut the grass with the tractor. "You cut the grass Grandpa? You drive the tractor? Tractor have big wheels?" He just loves watching Grandpa at work on the farm.

Before I made the quick trip back home we spent the morning downtown at the Tulip Festival and the rest of the weekend we spent at the park building castles, at Grandma's apartment, swimming in her indoor pool and I even got the chance to have breakfast with some friends. We ended up skipping the Victoria Day Festival because Hubby got called into work, but a day at the park was just as fun.  A lovely weekend, indeed!

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  1. Sounds like fun!

    New babies give me Baby Fever, too. There's nothing as lovely as a sleeping newborn. However, there is nothing as miserable as a newborn who won't sleep. Sigh.