Sunday, May 8, 2011

For you, Mom

I am so fortunate to have my Mother here with me today and for her guidance and support in my own motherhood. For this, I celebrate her today.

This year on Mother's Day, Mom, I hope you'll remember to find time for yourself. Not for the Historial Society. Not for the Catholic Women's League. Not for the Women's Institute. Not for the post office. Not for the church. Not for the many other charities and organizations you work tirelessly for.


I hope will do something for you. Not for Dad, your children, your grandchildren or anyone else.


Do something that brings you joy and happiness. You've spent years nurturing your children and doing what's best for us. You've been a loving and supportive wife for almost 40 years. You've done nothing but tried to make others happy since the day I *met* you.

So, please find time for yourself and do something for you, because Mom, you deserve it.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. i hope you took time for yourself today too.

  2. I love that photo. Lots of love between you. What DID your Mum do on Mother's Day?