Friday, April 29, 2011

Queen Ewizabit and our little prince

E has been obsessed with money lately.  This morning I dropped off a crying child because he just wanted "money" and I wouldn't let him have it.

"Money! Money! Money!" he screams.

Yeah buddy, I'd love to have some too.

It started when he noticed the big bowl of spare change in the closet. He got a hold of some of them one day and has been relentless since.  Out of sight, out of mind has not been working for this particular issue.

E studies the coins and can now point out the "duck" on the loonie, the "sail boat" on the dime and his favourite, the "queen" on the penny.

"Queen Ewizabit", actually.

So you can imagine the thrill this morning when I turned the TV on at 6am to watch the Royal Wedding. Cuddled under the blankets with us we had our own little commentator - in toddler speak.

Me: Look honey, it's the Royal Wedding.

E:  Robal wedbing, Mommy? Look all the people. That boy singing? That the queen, mommy?

Me: You're right! That's Queen Elizabeth.

E: Queen Ewizabit, Mommy?

Hubby: That's right buddy, just like Mommy.

E: You a Queen, Mommy?

Hubby: Yes, Buddy. Mommy is the Queen. And you are our little prince.

Our little prince in his prince outfit the day he was born

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