Thursday, April 28, 2011

My sister came to visit

On E’s birthday last week my youngest sister, M, came to visit. M is 5 years my junior and finished school at the University of Victoria. We hadn’t seen her in nearly 8 months.

I left work a little early and picked her up from the airport. I happily greeted her in baggage claim, holding a sign with her name on it for some laughs.

We had some great chats in the evenings. Ones about our unique family and ones that only family can relate to and laugh about. She was great company especially since Hubby was away for a couple days for work.

We made some wholesome meals together and talked about our healthy eating adventures. We made Easter dinner desserts and I ate too much chocolate. Don’t even ask me how she is on a sugar free diet right now. The brave, brave soul.

She was also A LOT of help. Like the kind of help that sweeps and mops the floor while you are at work (in jogging pants and my new high heels, at that). And the kind of help that washes all of the dishes while I put little E to bed. And the kind of help that takes your dog out during the day for a good run (in the pouring rain). Ah sweet, sweet help. How I appreciated the help.

The best part was my very own private yoga yin class on my living room floor our last night together. Complete with chanting music in the background, dimmed lights and a lit candle and yoga mats. It was my first time ever doing yoga and I told my sister, the aspiring yoga teacher, that I believed her. And we laughed until we couldn't breathe. But really, I’ve fallen for everything yoga and it’s something that I have been wanting to dive into for a long time now. Even more so since she moved out to Victoria and calls telling me about her experiences and now that I’ve experienced it.

We are similar, M and I, in many ways. The summer before E was born she lived with us in Ottawa and we went to the gym and played soccer together and it was awesome. Recently, she tossed around the idea of some day maybe moving back to Ottawa and I think that would be grand.

My sister came to visit and I wish she could have stayed.


  1. Aren't sisters wonderful?!?!? I am so happy that mine lives here. Where does M live full-time, Victoria?? (At least it is a nice place to visit!!)

  2. I'm sure it's tough having her so far away when you're close in spirit...
    and I'm happy that she has helped foster in you a love for yoga!