Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hockey Wife Rant

Hubby and I started dating in highschool and while he was playing Junior hockey. I was the lone girlfriend of the players, sitting in the stands all by myself.  I loathed the puck bunny's sitting around me, cheering my Hubby's name because he was the one with the 'C' on his jersey.  Pathetic, I thought. 

Of course, I liked that he played/plays hockey.  He is athletic, like myself, and that is one of the biggest things that drew us together.

But let me get this straight...
I am not a puck bunny.  I just happened to marry a hockey player.
And now I am a hockey widow. Jokes on me.

Hockey is year round in this household.  Hubby plays an insane amount of hockey (and golf too, but I'll save that post for the summer). This winter he also coached an insane amount of hockey (which he will not continue next year because it was too big of a commitment, and yes, we came to this conclusion together). 

Hubby wants little E to be well rounded and to try all sports and activities and I agree. He grew up in a hockey focused household.  But what our little monkey sees Daddy doing a lot right now is hockey and so what does our little monkey want to do all the time? Hockey. Practice what you preach, my dear.

But you know what the funniest thing is?  When little E starts getting a little too rambunctious with his hockey sticks and we decide to put them away and play with other toys for a while; Hubby answer to little E's cries is - "Life isn't all about hockey, buddy".

Little E's first time on skates - 18 months, Christmas 2010


  1. I can relate to the hockey/golf thing...when prime hockey season ends, golf starts, only to interfere with summer hockey!! You love that they are athletic... but at the same time you'd like them to be just a little less athletic until the kids are older!

    There will come a point when little E will start in to hockey (or other sports) and hopefully hubby will get more involved with that and less involved with his hockey!

  2. My husband was a big hockey player too, until he started travelling for work too much to be on a team. My son plays hockey, and he's actually gotten quite good (which I guiltily admit really surprises me, since a year to a year and a half ago things, well, he was enthusiastic, let's put it that way). The funny thing is, his real game has turned out to be baseball, which my husband now coaches and helps train for almost year round - and which he previously knew almost nothing about. Of course, they play and coach competitive in the summer, which means Eve and I don't really see them again until September, other than on the diamond. Oh well. At least they don't usually play baseball at 6 a.m.

  3. I swear I'm going to do anything to keep my kids OUT of hockey. Such a massive commitment! A friend of mine who has a son in it quite seriously claims to spend $6K a year on it! Forget it. Maybe they'll do crafty crafts with me at the dining room table every evening until they move out. Or read books on the couch. Or climb trees in our yard. Think?

  4. Ahem... I would just like to say, you weren't ALWAYS alone in those stands :) I really enjoyed reading this post, brought back some fond memories of you two love birds back in the day! I admire you both for wanting to ensure little E is well rounded in regards to sports and activities! Knowing you both pre-parents, as well as having spent some time with your special little E, you should know-it's pretty clear he's very well rounded - especially for an almost two year old! Keep up the good work!