Friday, April 22, 2011

Have a Ball Birthday Party

Here's a little recap of little E's birthday party last weekend.

Birthday boy!
We threw around a lot of different ideas for his party and in the end decided on some fun at Andrew Haydon Park to accommodate everyone. We wanted our family and close friends as well as little E's little friends to attend and numbers were getting high. A free party in the park was just the ticket.
As it turned out, none of our family could make it, but we enjoyed the morning with little E's friends and our close friends. We were especially happy that his godparents could come and play! The morning was freezing so a few stayed home, but at least the rain held off until we were leaving and we didn't have to call off the whole party!
The theme around the party was "Come Have a Ball".  Little E loves playing with all kinds of sports balls so I picked up some extra and let them loose in the park for the children to play with. Instead of loot bags for the kids I picked up some beach balls that were sport themed from Dollarama and sent the kids home with a ball each. Unfortunately, it was too windy to bring the balls out to play which kind of killed my whole theme.  I survived.
Playing soccer
I made dairy free/soy free cupcakes and I think everyone liked them. I was happy to see some take seconds and was happy to not have to take too many home with me.

Home made sport themed cupcakes

I decorated the cupcakes with green icing to look like grass and stuck some homemade cupcake toppers in them. I created these using clip art, a printer, scissors, flat toothpicks and some mod podge. I'm happy with how they turned out.

He loved "mommy's ball pancakes"
 Later that night he was reflecting on his day and told me he liked "mommy's ball pancakes". That made me proud.

It was really too cold to even take your gloves off to eat, but I set out a ton of snacks like pretzels, banana chips, dried cranberries and apple cinnamon puffs for the kiddies. We also had a tray of lentil chips and pita bread served with hummus and vegetable and fruit trays.

When we sang happy birthday, little E did not like the attention and burrowed his head into my chest to hide.  But when it came time to clap he proudly raised his head and clapped along, grinning ear to ear.  We've ben singing "Happy Dirdday to you" around the house ever since.  And the requested lullaby before bed all week has been "Happy Birthday to Daddy".

We wrapped the party up a little early, but despite the freezing cold weather I think the party was a success.  We are so fortunate to have so many amazing friends in our lives. 

Little E cried as we left and wanted to stay longer as Hubby and I blasted the heat in the car and tried to de-thaw. 


  1. Looks like a great party!!! I love the continued happy birthday singing at this age. Goose is really big on that and jingle bells right now :)

  2. That looks PERFECT! Glad you all had a good time!

  3. What an amzing idea Alicia! Love it! x

  4. Thanks ladies! It was a great day :)