Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A funny trip to the doctor's office

I failed to mention the hilarity and behind the scenes action that took place at little E's appointment last week. Now, I'm looking back at it and laughing.

First of all, I went to the wrong location.  It's a good thing I was 20 minutes early!  The computer system at the front of the office wasn't letting me check in with the Doc we had an appointment with so I asked the nurse at the front desk.  She looked up little E's file and it showed 1) we were at the wrong location and 2) his appointment was cancelled.  UM, WHAT? Apparently, in my search to find a specialist to take in us earlier (we waited 3 months for this), the receptionist I talked to on the phone had cancelled this appointment and made a note that we were booking with another specialist. I assured the nurse at the front desk that this wasn't the case - I had even told the receptionist on the phone not to make any changes to the original appointment! The only thing she could offer was for us to go to the right location and try to explain the situation. 

So I picked little E up in frustration and walked out to the parking lot to drive (thankfully only) 5 minutes to the RIGHT location.  While juggling little E on my hip and texting Hubby the location change (who was on his way from work), little E kicked off his rainboots.  "I don't have time for this!" I said to him.  To which he grounded me and replied in his sweet little voice, "No time, Mommy?".

On the road again, I hear "Doctor?" on repeat for the next 5 minutes.  The poor kid thought I jipped him out of a visit I hyped up all morning.  So I repeat, "Yes buddy, we are going to the doctor", a million times.

I plead my case once I arrived (with 5 minutes to spare) which wasn't a struggle at all.  We were told she would sneak us in between clients and we would just have to wait 30 min.  Thank the high heavens.  No big deal since it could have been much worse (I could be writing about how I waited 3 months for no appointment right now!)

As soon as we sat down, little E asked to "walk around" so Hubby entertained him by circling the waiting room and the halls and probably annoying every other person waiting with his squeals of excitement.  Oh well - 30 minutes is a long time to spare with an active toddler!

Then is was our turn.  We heard little E's name being called.  But, where was that voice coming from? We walked up to two different desks until we finally realized a nurse down the hall was calling us. It was really embarrassing.  I guess you had to be there. We were both red-faced by the time we got to the office.

In the Doctor's office we discussed progress since the last appointment and she familiarized herself with his charts. Hubby kept little E busy with a basket of plastic zoo animals that a nurse gave to us.  He was proudly counting the animals out loud, like REALLY loud, and the Doc laughed. He is so proud of his counting and counts everything in sight (he even received a round of applause from an elderly couple in the grocery line last week).

After surprising us by pronouncing rhinoceros perfectly, he lifted up some type of deer looking animal and asked, "What dat fing?".  None of us knew what it was, but he was determined to find out.  He started spitting out all the other animals names frantically.  Hubby told him "Wait and think about it".  We were looking for what clever name he would come up with.  To which he responds, "I wait. I think about it" which made the Doc laugh out loud again.  And then he answered, "It's rhinoceros".  We settled with deer.

I few minutes later he got the prick tests done on his arm and was really brave.   Then as he stood beside Hubby's chair the Doc asked to check his heart which gave him a slight spaz attack when she lifted his shirt.  As she commented about his nice round healthy belly he took a deep breath and pushed it out as far as it would go.

More laughter.

When she was done checking on him and as she explained the next steps with us, little E explored the office while jumping the plastic frogs around the walls.  As she was talking, I noticed he put his hand inside his pants.  I gave him the look, as if he should know by the look he should take his hand out, but instead he proclaimed, "Penis!". 

More laughter.

What an eventful day and what a funny kid.  Seeing him that day through the Doctor's eyes made us laugh even louder.  I find it hilarious to look back on these days and look forward to many more with our little comedian.

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  1. I think you deserve nothing short of a high five for being able to appreciate seeing the comical aspects of this difficult and lengthy experience. You have a great attitude. I actually laughed out loud reading this. Thanks for sharing! :)