Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner Diaries and Easter Sunday Photos

This is what we are eating this week.

Monday - left over turkey sandwiches on whole wheat pita and salad
Tuesday - bbq chicken and pasta salad
Wednesday - red lentil soup and salmon cakes
Thursday - homemade burgers on the bbq, quinoa salad
Friday - bbq ribs, sweet potato fries, corn, casear salad

One of my favourite blogs to follow along is a peak inside the fishbowl. I played along with her photo challenge at Christmas and couldn't resist trying it again this Easter. Here is my attempt to take a picture every hour, on the top of the hour, Easter Sunday. My first picture was at 7am when we left Ottawa and the last picture was at 5pm on the highway back to Ottawa. I missed taking pictures of our 2nd dinner because it was just starting to get tiresome and my camera was acting up again. I really need a new camera.

7am - On time for departure. Not a happy camper, but at least he has his mini stick.

8am - still on route. Over half way there.

9am - Waiting on the dock for the boat to come.

10am - The Easter Bunny gets busy hiding eggs.

11am - he knows exactly what to do

12 noon - a brand new trampoline. Zip it up and let them go.

1pm - the great Easter Egg Hunt Team Challenge

2pm - too busy chowing down to take a picture. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of my desserts! Just visualize a lot of chocolate and candy.

3pm - waiting for the ferry again.

4pm - the ferry is delayed. Still waiting.

5pm - on the highway again.

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  1. Firstly, can you send me your recipe for salmon cakes? I tried making some a while back but they were too dry and not very flavourful.
    Secondly, LOVE the picture of Little E getting the eggs out from that hole in the wall! Always the first place I'd look!
    and Thirdly, saw the picture of the cake you made! SOOOO IMPRESSIVE! From one avid baker to another, I applaud your efforts and your success.