Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Birthday Boy - Little E turns 2!

The last two years have been nothing but an absolute joy. You’ve grown so much since your last birthday and what an amazing little man you have become!

Did I even exist before you?  I can’t imagine life without you.

We have a whole week of celebrating with you and celebrating the little man you have become; with a birthday party at the park this past Saturday with your little friends and Mommy and Daddy’s friends, a dinner with Daddy’s family tonight and fun with Mommy’s family this weekend for Easter.

I love watching the little wheels turning in your head.  You amaze me with your ability to take things you’ve heard and use them in the correct context.  Like when you tell us, “I’ll think about it” when asked a question. Or when you're acting naughty and yell,  “Don’t say a word!” which I just realized you must have pulled from the Hush Little Baby lullaby. Or when you ask, “What you doin’ Mommy?” or “Mommy, what’s going on?”. Or when you roll over in the morning and smile and say to me, “I love you too, my little one” – words taken directly from your bedtime stories and used to melt your Mommy’s heart.

You are most happy surrounded by sports equipment and balls, which we knew was bound to happen with sporty parents.  You have amazing hand-eye coordination for a just two year old and we often joke about you one day making it to the “show” or the “big leagues”.  Most of all we just love watching your face light up with excitement and pride when taking mini slap shots in the living room or kicking field goals in the kitchen. Which is one of the reasons why we are searching for a bigger home for room for you to play.

You love to paint and colour. We hope you enjoy your new art easel.
You love our dance parties in the living room and Friday evenings at Gymnastics. 
You are currently going through a cling-on-to-Mommy phase.
Your persistence is both tiresome and hilarious. 
You are independent and stubborn.
You are just like me.
You are emotional and sensitive.
You are just like Daddy.
You can count to 10 in Spanish (thanks to Dora) and to 20 in English, but usually forget 13. 
You think Mommy is silly when she counts in French. 
Your dimples melt my heart.
You are a very good eater.
You love singing songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, Old Macdonald, Wheels on the Bus and No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. 
You love visiting the farm and riding the boat. Last time asking, “Mommy, I see dolphins this water?” 
You are one smart, inquisitive little boy.
You love watching Daddy’s hockey games and Mommy’s soccer games.
You love swimming in the bath tub.
You love playing with the big boys at day care.  This morning when I asked you how old you were you said, "Two. I wanna Four".  Such a big boy beyond your years!
You are polite.
You are reflective. Saturday night you recounted all of the highlights of your birthday party without being prompted. 
You amaze me.
You are shy and burrow your head into Mommy when all the attention is on you.
You have Mommy and Daddy wrapped around your finger.

Happy Birthday to my baby…er…little…er…big boy!


  1. Happy Birthday, E! Kids are soooo great at 2 years old. You're in for a really fun year!

  2. This melts my heart! Happy birthday Little E! Be proud of yourself, sounds like this special little man has some great parents shaping him into a smart, sweet, and well-rounded boy!

  3. I want him to stay this age forever!