Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music to his ears

Hubby and I went for road trip last Saturday to visit one of his old friends. The hour long drive down winding dirt roads in the country was a perfect opportunity for us to chat and reconnect without little E as our main focus.

We popped in old mixed CD's and he hooked up his Ipod and we played the who sings this? and what is this song called? game.  As we listened to tunes, they brought back all kinds of memories.  Somehow, most of those memories were about little E.

One song we completely forgot about was "Don't Shed a Tear" by Paul Carrack.  This song was our saving grace during little E's first couple of weeks.  We watched The Happiest Baby on the Block and used the 5 S's to soothe him when were dealing with tummy cramps in the beginning (before we discovered the dairy intolerance).  When these calming reflexes didn't seem like enough, we opened up the laptop and played music.  "Don't Shed a Tear" for some reason had the most amazing calming effect on little E.  Hubby would hold him out and sway him back and forth and he would close his eyes and fall asleep.  It was like magic!

A couple months later we discovered the next best thing, "Peaceful Easy Feeling", by the Eagles.  Hubby is a huge Eagles fan and we have all kinds of Eagles CD's in the car.  We discovered the effectiveness on our first road trip to visit my family. As soon as the opening music started,  little E would immediately stop crying and fall asleep. It was amazing!  We made sure to have it in the CD player at all times and I can remember yelling at Hubby, "put it on number 9!" many, many times.  This song still works to this day.

In the last few months he has shown an interest in dance music. I have some pretty funny videos of him busting a move in his car seat to songs like "OMG" by Usher and "Oh Na Na" by Rhianna. 

Today, I also use the Name Your Tune CD that we gave little E for Christmas.  Road trips have never been so enjoyable.  Little E is perfectly content sitting in the back and looking out the windows while listening to his name in his favourite songs. 

When we get home at the end of the day, rather than turning a TV show on, I turn the TV to a music or radio station.  On Friday's, what better way to end the week than to have a dance party in the living room?!

At bed time he usually asks for a "lull-a-bye-bye" before we place him in his crib and it's the perfect way to soothe him to sleepy land.

Has music played a big part in your child's life?  Did your baby react to certain songs? 

Maria Zarnayova / isifa/Getty Images
Four new-born babies listen to music through headphones in the maternity ward of the first private hospital in Kosice-Saca on January 3, 2007, Kosice, Slovak Republic. The experimental program started four years ago and reportedly enhances the new-born baby's well-being after their birth.

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