Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving & Purging

Two weeks ago I got the spring cleaning itch and did a big purge.  A week later was when I got the call from our landlord.  I guess it was perfect timing.

So we are moving - in 2 months. We have been in our current place for 3 years and have really enjoyed it here.  We were planning on staying here for another year or slightly less, but our landlord has decided to sell.  So rather than moving on our own terms we are being pressured to move.  It's too bad and we have nothing against our landlord.  She has been great and really liked us at tenants, even offering us lower rent each year to encourage us to renew our lease.

I have already done a couple runs to the clothes donation drop box and dropped boxes off at the Thrift Shop. Where did all this junk come from!

Hubby comes from a "chuck it" family who rarely saved items unless extremely sentimental. I come from the opposite. Our closets were full of clothes we grew out of to be passed down to the next sibling in line. Gift boxes, wrapping paper, toys - you name it, my Mom had a place for it in a closet somewhere. So with every item I need to carefully consider it's use in my future. 

I find it's easier and more motivating when you are moving.  Instead of thinking, "Will I ever use this?, I think, "Do I really want to move this?"

I have also decided to get rid of a couple pieces of furniture that I know I don't want to take with us and have listed them on Kijiji. 

The next big thing is WHERE ARE WE GOING TO MOVE? This is pretty scary.  We are not really ready to buy.  We were hoping for another year of saving.  We don't really want to rent again, but it may be something we need to do. 

We are both leaning towards the outskirts of the city.  Right now we are just dreaming until we get the ball rolling with a mortgage approval, etc.  Hopefully we can find something with the right price and where all the stars align. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Okay, you and I can lend each other support as we simultaneously embark on moving! I was considering doing some Keep or Chuck posts and let other people decide for me for some of the items I'm struggling with; I come from a family more like yours, so knowing the difference can be challenging!

  2. We moved when the twins were 14 months old. Let me tell you, that SUCKED! My advice to you is to really take advantage of the time when E isn't around so you can get work done. Good luck!

  3. Russell is a great place to live: