Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Map

I'm on a de-cluttering kick again.  I guess you could call it early spring cleaning.  

In my attempt to clean out one of our closets I came across the mapThe map has not been forgotten; I think about it often.  I just can't figure out what to do with it so I keep throwing it back in the closet.

For my birthday (6 months ago) I asked my Mom for the vintage looking map of my hometown.  It is beautiful and unique and will be a perfect accent in my home.  As a member of the local Historical Society my Mom could easily get her hands on a copy, which cost a whopping $5.  The map has been rolled up in the closet for months because I have been procrastinating on getting it framed. I knew that custom framing would cost way too much, but I finally brought it in for an estimate a couple months ago.  With a Michael's 55% off custom framing coupon I was convinced that I could make a frame work in my tight budget. 


Because the map is an irregular shape I had to give specific measurements (I couldn’t tell off of their price grid how much it would be) and the cost was waaaay off the charts.

Ready for it?

Over $700!

For a $5 map?!

I laughed out loud and thanked the sales associate for her time.  With my coupon I would still be spending well over $300. 

Now what to do? 

I would really like a thick frame around the map and maybe even with a mat.  Something like this is what I originally had in mind.
I’ve scoured all kinds of stores trying to find the perfect frame that I can cut the map to size, but it’s just not do-able.  I could plaque mount it, but I feel like the effect just won’t be the same. 

Recently, I've been looking for other inspirations.  Here are a few more ideas that I have come across:

I like these ideas of splitting the map up, but I am afraid some details will be lost.   

So crafty friends, any ideas? 


  1. Have you tried Ikea? They have some irregular frame dimensions - you might be able to make one of those work. :)

  2. Could you make your own frame?

  3. I'm going to check Ikea out again today. Hmm...perhaps I could make my own using the tuturial on ana-white.com?

  4. I like the idea of keeping the map whole. My SIL has had some luck finding frames at garage sales and auctions, but it takes a while. Since the map was so inexpensive could you try cutting one up and see what it looks like all framed? Let us know what you decide, and post pictures when it's finished. Framing Nd hanging pictures is on my to-do list this month.