Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Look whose talking

Little E is learning small talk.  It's amazing how quickly he has advanced from 1 word demands, to 3 word phrases to full out conversations!  A couple weeks ago I found Sophie the Giraffe under his change table.  This is a conversation he had with they toy when they re-united:"Oh, hi giraffe. Hi. Hello. Hello, boy.  How a doin?". 

Luckily, his back talk is still manageable with his, "no way, Mommy!"

I am starting to really see the sponge-like effect of a toddler.  There is no talking over his head.  He is ALWAYS listening.  Like when I yell be quiet! or watch out! to the dog. Oops.  Guess who needs to practice their manners?

Speaking of the devil, let's talk straight here.  Lately, I have been all talk and no action. 

100 push ups challenge? Failing. (I keep re-starting it because I don't want to do it half-ass).
Working out? Fail. (Other than my soccer and ball hockey games).

I could talk the hind legs off a donkey with excuses, but let's face it; talk is cheap.  I need someone to talk me into some motivation! Won't you give me a pep talk? I need to start over.

I've had soccer the last two nights (we won the finals last night, woot woot!) so I think I'm going to roll with punches here and keep up with the exercise.  Since I have been working from home, I haven't been able to use the gym in my office building. And I really want to get out and start running again.  I'm not a cold weather runner, but now the sun is tempting me.  Maybe I can start taking little E out in the BOB stroller for runs in the evenings again (yay for daylight saving!).

Here's to talking the talk and walking the walk!


  1. The weather is amazing for running right now (expect wet shoes/socks though). I say just do it once on a day like today and you'll be hooked. Go to it!

    Congrats on the soccer win.

  2. My 2 and half year old has discovered "right now". As in "I want X right now". But to say it properly you have to whine while you say "right now". :-)

  3. Thanks for the motivation!

    I am amazed with what comes out of little E's mouth every day now :)

  4. Oh my god, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the language acquisition stage. Seriously -- post about the silly crap he's saying every day and I will be here every day. And I would pep talk you except the winter has not only filled my lungs with fluid but totally kicked my ass and I have to get that in gear before I will have the breath to whup anyone else's into shape. But, you know, go soccer team.

  5. Thank you. I often wonder if writing about all the silly crap is just annoying to people because you know, we all think our kids are adorable and say the cutest things. I'll keep it up for sure now, as long as I'll have one reader :)

  6. They really are sponges... I have noticed a big difference when one and half and two years... its crazy the vocab the pick up! Keep posting the stories of E's chit-chat - I'll be your second faithful reader ;)

    I am with you on the million excuses for not exercising... and not wanting to half-ass it either. I said when the weather gets nicer I'll start running, and guess what - the weather is nicer, so I must get out there!