Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Please tell me you've heard that Friday song that has gone viral on You Tube? Yesterday, I heard about it so much that I woke up today signing it to little E.  I'm such a dork.

Well, this isn't exactly a Fancy That! Friday post, but here are some of the highlights of week.

With the beautiful weather and because I am working from home I was able to run to pick up little E up from day care with the stroller (I got the front tire fixed by the way).  I wish I could have counted the amount of double takes and odd looks I received as people realized that my stroller was empty.  I guess it does kind of look funny.  If they took the time to think about my situation they would have probably realized I was picking up or dropping off a child.  Or they could be thinking, "Um, excuse me lady - you forgot something!", or "Man look how fast that lady can run and she is even pushing a stroller for extra resistance!". Yeah, thinking up these little scenarios fueled my run. Dork.

I found this article/book promotion interesting since I am at the age where a lot of my friends are getting married/talking about marriage and some even avoiding the talk.   Hubby and I married young, but we seemed to have followed the right steps? "Are You A Little Bit Married?".

"Look at the Baby, Not the Scale".This is something I wish I was reminded of when little E was born.  The doctors stressed me out so much about his weight gain.  It is completely normal for babies to lose 3-10% of their birth weight and women should not be encouraged to supplement with formula and jeopardize their breastfeeding relationship if their baby is reaching other goals.

Today I Googled, "how to count to 10 in Spanish" because my almost 23 month old is and I would like to join along.  WTF? I was easily keeping up with 1-5 up until this week.  Dora the Explorer is amazing I tell ya. Today he also counted to 20 for the first time, but he leaves out 13 every time.  

I'm loving this idea. I had never thought of making my own finger paint before.  Check this recipe out! A perfect activity for these rainy spring days or for an activity outside in the park. 

I'm pretty excited for upcoming consignment sales because little E is growing out of everything and apparently Hubby thinks he needs new clothes because he is "wearing the same thing too often".  So sorry fashion police! OutGrow OutPlay announced their consignment sale dates and locations around Ottawa.  Mark your calendars!

Oh, and this You Tube video of a baby's reaction when his mom blows his nose is also going viral, in case you haven't seen it yet.  Now I'm trying to dig up a video I took of when little E had a similar reaction when our dog barked. Love it.

Yesterday was Thursday. 
Today is Friday.
Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.

Please tell me this song is in your head too?


  1. Now the song is in my head. Thanks! ;)

  2. I hadn't seen that video, but checked it out. Thanks for that (insert a roll of my eyes). It's it just me or is the way the girl says "Friday" absolutely grating?!

  3. Did you even notice that this song's chorus sounds a lot like "Baby, Baby" by Justin Bieber? Apparently Rebecca Black is becoming the new Biebs! I saw this thing on the internet that said "Forget Bieber Fever, I've got the Black plague!" Bahah! That is so ridiculous!
    Also, maybe it's a good thing that E always misses that unlucky 13. Or maybe he is just really superstitious!

  4. Thanks for that little piece on weight gain ... I struggled with my E, and now at 3 months with H I am taking him for a weigh-in on Tuesday. I know he hasn't gained a load of weight since a month ago, but he's hitting all of his other milestones and is a really content, happy baby. I have 'my spiel' all prepared for the doc when he charts the numbers and sees he low on the holy graph. He won't stress me out this time, cause I have 2 y/o who had the same problems and is perfectly healthy, but was just a slow gainer.

    And... the Friday song... OMG, don't get me started!!