Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dairy & Soy Battle Continues

This morning little E had his long-awaited appointment with the allergy specialist. She performed the same prick tests she did in May 2010 and there was a slight change. He showed a reaction to dairy which he hadn't last time (because he didn't show anything last time she said he probably had a mild protein allergy that he would grow out of).  This time, she called his reaction "borderline"  because the little red bump on his arm was only 3 x 3mm.  Either way, she said that at 2 years old he should be showing progress and it seems that his reactions are getting worse.  In this case she has referred us to the Gastroenterology department at CHEO since most of his symptoms are gastro related and which means we will need to wait even longer to get to the bottom of his issues.  

The allergy specialist still thinks that he has a protein allergy and that he will grow out of it.

The last time I trialed little E with dairy was in Dec 2010 and he had the worst of his reactions.  I am going to continue his non-dairy diet until our new appointment.  Soy, however, I may give a try again.  The allergy specialist told us that he shouldn't have reactions to soy lecithin in foods - which he clearly did.  The prick test today didn't even show the slightest inkling that he may be allergic to soy.  So it could be an extremely mild case or he could have grown out of it.  I think I will do a trial next week.

We also talked about lactose intolerance and she gave us some handouts. We told her about Hubby's trial and that he has the same reactions as little E.  Basically she told us that the quickest and easiest way to find out if Hubby has lactose intolerance is for him to drink lactose free milk.  If he doesn't have a reaction - he has lactose intolerance.  If he does - he has a dairy allergy or another gastro issue and we will need to get to the bottom of this. 

She also asked us about a history of celiac disease in the family.  We did not know of any history.  I've read more about this and it's relation to dairy since coming home and I have found that untreated celiac disease can cause damage to the intestines and can cause a lactose intolerance. Hmm.

Lactose free milk for Hubby.
Soy milk for little E.
Gluten free diet for Hubby? (Definitely will get on him to make a doctor's appointment now.)

There is a lot more to look into and so it continues...


  1. Uuugh! Don't you wish you could get instantaneous answers? But it sounds like things are moving forward. Good luck with the soy trial! Wouldn't that make life a little easier...

  2. good luck with the soy!!!!! And I hope you dont have to wait too long for your CHEO appointment. We are still waiting to figure out whats causing my little ones reflux...

  3. Ack! As if life with a toddler isn't crazy enough without not being able to eat a bunch of stuff without knowing if it will make you barf or stop breathing or experience crippling stomach pains. Best of luck!