Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Z is for Zamboni

This is the first book I bought when we found out we were expecting. We didn't know what we were having, but what I did know was that Hubby's passion for hockey was going to rub off and I knew it would be a fun book for Daddy and Baby to enjoy together.

We've been reading it to little E since we brought him home. It is obviously one of his favourite books because a) Daddy plays hockey and b) Grandpa (my FIL) drives a Zamboni.

At 21 months he can tell me what each page stands for or at least what he can see on each page. He grabs it as I'm changing him into his pajama's and studies it while reciting his favourite words. All the while, I'm trying to maneuver the book from hand to hand because he refuses to put it down - it is a must-read before bed.

His reactions to each page are priceless - as if it is his first time looking at the book. Last night, was no different.

"I see it! I see it!", he yells. So I ask him what exactly he sees. "A hockey player!"

This time Daddy was reading. Daddy has been busy with work the last 2 weeks so has missed out on bedtime routines and I couldn't wait to show him little E's latest developments.

As he points to skates and jerseys and helmets, I couldn't wait until we got to 'M'. "Mawio!" he says proudly.

M is for Mario, he really plays with flair.

Hubby's face lights up as he laughs. Mario is Hubby's favourite player along with Crosby or "Coby" as little E says it.

But, my favourite right now is 'S'.

S is for slashing, when a stick is used to hit.

"OHH NOO!", he says. It's the same loud, hilarious reaction every time.

Hubby laughs. "That's right buddy. Stay out of the penalty box".


  1. Funny, this was the first book that we received when were expecting Woo. We love this book too - all of us. Both lils recite it as well. Do you know about Hockey Numbers? by the same author??

  2. I have seen these books, just recently - will definitely need to pick them up for his birthday!

    Ash - it's the best. I can wait until you reach this point with Bean.

  3. this is the cutest thing ever!