Thursday, February 24, 2011


Little E’s day care provider, Mrs. X, greeted me at the door.  As little E hugged my leg, I could sense that something was up. 

Mrs. X: “Tell Mommy what happened today”

He pulled away from me and went to the door to look out the window. 

Little E: “Sorry Mikey”

Me: “Why did you say sorry to Mikey?”

He put his head down.

Little E: “Push”

Me: “Did you push Mikey today?”

Little E: “Ya. Sorry Mikey”.

We talked about what happened as I picked him up and cuddled him.  The poor thing looked like he was afraid I was going disown him.  Mrs. X said he was extremely apologetic the rest of the day. When she originally asked him to say sorry to Mikey his face fell like he was going to cry.  He doesn’t like to get called out on his bad behaviour.  Mikey and the other children couldn’t stop laughing because they said he’s just so cute when he says sorry. Mrs. X had to remind them that this was serious business.

It was the first time he stood up for himself at daycare and pushed someone away.  It was also the first time he had been disciplined like a big boy at day care.  He has always been so compliant around other children and I’ve noticed that since he was the youngest one at day care for so long, he was often babied by the other children.  When we had play dates with children his own age they pushed him around and he wasn’t used to that. 

With his few-worded sentences he could tell me what happened.  He could also show me that he felt remorse for his unpleasant behavior. This little milestone, although not the most favourable one, reminds me of just how fast my baby is growing into a little man.


  1. This just brought tears to my eyes and I feel sorry for "little E", Mikey probably deserved that push xx (Please delete my comment if this is going to get me into trouble:) x

  2. I agree, Mikey probably deserved that push! I'm glad it was E doing the pushing and not Mikey, but I guess that will come, too...

  3. I'm glad you both have E's back :)

    Oh yes Gwen, it will come. I see it coming shortly after this "mine" phase.