Friday, February 25, 2011

Fancy That! Friday

Here are a few things that either caught my eye or got me really thinking this week...

My beloved BOB Revolution stroller was recalled. The only remedy is to remove the drawstring at the back of the sun canopy. No big deal, but huge considering how many BOB's are on the streets and canal in Ottawa alone.

This awesome video by PhD in Parenting titled, "Covering Up is a Feminist Issue".

This post by Allison from Mine Are Here in response to my post, Letting them "blossom" on their own. And since then I have read so many posts on the topic of manners. Like this one about saying thank you, and this one about spirit or form. And then there is this one about alternatives to forced apologies which is interesting to read after my Sorry post. They all have some great information on teaching manners. I'm still pondering my take on it all...what do you think?

This adorable photo shoot of baby twins by Claire Ross Photography. I love following Claire's work and I'm so glad I met her through some mommy friends. Claire did a fall themed shoot of my little family back in October and I love how they turned out.

This "Voices of Motherhood Writing Contest" from the Yummy Mummy Club. How has motherhood changed you or how have you changed motherhood?

Okay, so this didn't come up this week. I actually saw this a couple months ago, but it's hilarious and I check it from time to time to give myself a good laugh. If you haven't seen it yet, you must check out this link to Awkward Pregnancy Photos.

What jumped out at you this week?


  1. Just commented on the "blossom" post. Made me think for a minute. While I get what she is saying, and even practice some of it, I think she slightly extreme. The tag "hippy" actually comes to mind.

    The "sorry" story is so cute. It may have been a forced apology, but he clearly learned that was necessary, and it probably did make the other little boy feel better. I know my boys appreciate a "sorry" from each other in acknowledgement of a wrong.

    This is a fun way to sum up the week.

  2. Your "blossom" post is the one that has stuck with me this week - I think about it often, and will comment on it when I get my thoughts together :)

    It was a great thought-provoking post for me!!

  3. She is definitely extreme...but I find it really interesting to see someone's views that are so opposite of mine. Makes you really think, doesn't it?

    Can wait to hear more :)

  4. This week, it's the striking similarities between Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi, the wonderful world of Twitter mothers, and a glorious re-discovery of my Ergo carrier. YAYA for being stroller free in good weather! :D