Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dinner Diaries & A Kind Treat

I'm a little late getting to this so I will just finish off the week. Tonight we had breakfast for dinner...mmm french toast...mostly because we didn't get groceries over the weekend and I was lacking motivation to make something up.

With the fridge stocked no, we will be having:

Wednesday - Peanut chicken skewers, brown rice and broccoli
Thursday - Vegetable and bean soup, sweet potato rolls
Friday - Sloppy turkey joes, sweet potato mash, peas and carrots

I did some more baking this long weekend. I made some banana bread with the over-ripe bananas that have been piling up in the freezer and just had to make some Blueberry Crumb Muffins after seeing the posted recipe. They both turned out great.

I have another loaf of banana bread in the oven now to bring to work as part of my extra kindness. Have a great (kind) week!


  1. Another week. Still jealous. You are soooo much better at planning (and probably) cooking your dinners than I am. Sigh. Can I come over every night? Sans enfants, of course!

  2. well these muffins are going to be made tomorrow morning. YAYA for new muffin recipe!

    French toast for breakfast is a good day.

  3. Oh, you're so organized! Very jealous. But it's an inspiration to read it here... so maybe I'll take it on... when I come up for air... Thanks for sharing!