Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The canal makes me smile

This past weekend I invited my family up to take in the canal and a bit of Winterlude. We had a fun day on Saturday at Dow's Lake and a few of us also made a trip to Snowflake Kingdom on Sunday morning. So much fun!

We have had beautiful canal weather the last few weeks and so we've been trying to go for a skate at least once a week. I love the fresh air and the exercise (feel the burn on those quads!) and little E can't get enough of his skates.  If it was up to him, we be out on the canal every morning.  We are always greeted at the crack of dawn with questions of "canal? skating?".

There are so many reasons why the canal makes me smile...here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Skating behind obvious first dates with silly giggles and awkward pauses and styled hair avoiding hat head.
  • Cocky skaters that whiz by you and then hit a divot and completely wipe out.
  • Little skaters falling down and getting right back up again and again.
  • Bundled up babies fast asleep in a bumpy sleigh ride.
  • Elderly couples holding hands and skating in sync.
  • Beavertails and hot chocolate.
  • Holding on to the side of the stroller so Hubby can pull me too when I start feeling the burn and need a little break.
  • Seeing little E's face light up when we put his skates on and as he kicks his feet around thinking he is skating.

My goal is to actually skate the full 7.8 km and back this year.  We have always skated from Dow's Lake and turned around shortly after Bank Street. 

What is your favourite part of the canal?  Have you skated the full length yet?


  1. I love the canal too for all the reasons you listed... especially the cocky skaters who hit the divet... LOL! It secretly makes me smile when that happens, to the point I wish I had my little flip cam rolling to catch the action.

    I also just love the atmosphere of the canal with it is a buzz with an overload of eager skaters.

    So happy you guys had a great time... looks like we may have to wait til next year for the chance to do it again with the warmer weather on the way.

  2. i love skating on the canal. and i try to go once a week. but then the weather gets warm and it closes and i am sad...

    beaver tales is a must ont eh canal. winterlude is the only time i eat them.

    i hope the hubby and i are the old couple in 30 yrs.

  3. I love the canal too, especially when the cocky skaters wipe out :) Sadly we've only been once this year, but I have hopes for at least one more trip...