Friday, February 4, 2011


I haven't posted in a full week. I feel sleep deprived. Little E has a cold and he has fighting sleep. I am barely functioning at home and haven't even put together a meal plan this week. Left overs and last minute meals seemed to be working out okay, but are just adding to the blah-ness around here. My days at work are busy and my brain is tired. When bed time comes around for little E I am finding myself crashing at the same time. I have a million things on my mind...just haven't had the time or energy to type them out.


I am one for routine and I know how important it is for children. I've always stuck to a great bed time routine for little E and he has always been a great sleeper. I am proud of that. Two months ago we seemed to fall off the routine train in the midst of sickness and food trials and haven't got back on. This week it is really wearing on me and I am exhausted.

I've been lazy too. We've been letting little E join us in bed and neither Hubby nor I are getting a good sleep. It started off with little E waking up a couple hours early so we would bring him in bed with us and he would sleep a couple more hours. We loved this extra cuddle time with him before heading off to work. But then he got too comfortable and starting waking up in the middle of the night. And I was just too lazy and tired to refuse his company between us. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't constantly wine or toss and turn or whack us in the head or try to sleep horizontally all night. This past week he would not go to sleep in his bed. I know it's my fault. I allowed the situation to amount to this. I lost control.

Starting over is hard with a toddler. When little E was an infant I would simply go back to The No-Cry Sleep Solution book for tips. Now, I'm finding myself reading the toddler edition that I picked up at the library this week for guidance. It's much tougher now. His cries are of sheer devastation. How dare I set him down in his crib and leave the room? I refuse to let him cry it out. His crocodile tears are just too sad. I just can't do it.

Hubby put him to bed Wednesday night which really helped us get back on track. He isn't as clingy when Daddy gives him the last kiss. He only woke up once in the night and quickly went back to sleep. Last night it only took me 10 minutes of re-assuring and re-entering his room before he fell asleep rather than the 1 hour is was taking earlier in the week. He only woke twice in the night and went back to sleep fairly quickly again.  I'm starting to feel much better after a couple nights of okay sleep.

I can't wait for nap times this weekend.  Schedules, a return to workout routines and blogging will be had in the house again at last!


  1. we got lazy with the sleep routine as well and now the jb comes into our room anywhere from 11:30pm to 4am. having a king size bed helps. and he did sleep in his own bed for a couple of weeks, so i know it will come again soon. but if we weren't getting good night sleeps with him in the bed with us, we would totally have a week crying to get him back into his bed. short term pain for long term gain. my motto.

  2. Oh! You're being too hard on yourself!!! While everyone is sick, and you are run down, do the bare minimum. Just do what needs to be done to survive...everything else can wait until you're feeling better.

    Like you, I have done things out of sheer exhaustion that have led to an unpleasant change in the children's schedule. Afterwards, I blame my husband (it's always his fault...somehow), and start again. No harm done.

    Little tears are always the hardest, and typically are effective in stopping me in my tracks. But you know what's best for E. He needs your strength so HE can get a good night's sleep so HE doesn't get sick again. Because you love him. I wish I had better advice. Sorry.

  3. I feel for you cause I know exactly what you're going through. Hubby and I have a mantra - "it's just a phase". It helps us to get through the tougher sleep times.

    Lil C has been wanting to come in our bed at night this week. After a few nights of this, it starts to take it's toll cause I don't sleep when he's there (I don't think he does either).

    So I say to you and to myself, "it's just a phase"!

  4. Julie, we have a king bed too but it doesn't help with our wiggle worm. I love when he sleeps with us more often than not but he is just all over the place and we never feel rested when he does!

    Thanks Gwen. Knowing that I'm not alone is the best advice :)

  5. It's just a phase...thanks for the reminder :)

  6. I just giggled at your very last comment Alicia...everyday of my life (even before kids) has seemed like just a phase... It is awesome that you are "strict" with your routine. I have been unemployed and looking for work for a long time now and I find that some days I am just all over the place. I think I actually miss the routine of a job, it certainly helps to root you. I sometimes look forward to the day I have to get up and get out...just for a little normality. I could handle the "no job" situation way more if our family did not need the money. Everything works out. BTW I missed your blogs this week and am glad your back:) xx

  7. Thank you Claire. With all 3 of us out of the house every day I need some kind of routine or it would be a gongshow! It would be nice to switch places with you some days are fortunate to have this time with your cuties. Everything will work out...especially if you keep up with your amazing photography :)

  8. I am right there with you! Sleep deprived, tired, out of routine, and a lot on the brain! We've had Bean in bed with us because her teeth are coming in and it's easier to comfort her back to sleep when she's beside me. We've been putting things in place with day care so that I am able to return to work this coming week, now that teething has begun in full force Bean has been refusing her formula and food. For a few days it was scary because she wouldn't eat or drink at all, she would not allow anything near her mouth. I have decided not to go back to work so soon as it is clear that even with everything in place, Bean is just not ready. I can't handle the idea of dropping her off day after day knowing that she is struggling to eat drink, sleep etc. We're using this weekend to get back into our routine as well! Get some rest and give little E a squeeze from us! I hope he's feeling better:) and don't be s hard on yourself super mama!
    I did miss reading your posts this week!