Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work it

I’m finally getting back into the groove of working out again.  This week I officially jumped on the one hundred pushups band wagon and convinced my best friend to join along.  I’ve been seeing this challenge all over the blogosphere and finally decided to join in.  I did a session with the Ottawa Adventure Boot Camp a few years ago and loved it and learned to love push-ups.  I wish I could afford to do it year-round.  I know that circuit training works well for me and before getting pregnant with little E I was the in the best shape I have ever been.  Now, I’m longing to be back in that type of shape. 

I cancelled my membership with the gym and decided to take on a new membership with the gym that is located inside my work building.  It’s so much more convenient and makes it easier to take a quick workout lunch break.  I only signed up for three months (starting in February) and will take it from there.  I think I might try switching to running outdoors once spring hits. Lunch time seems to be the only time I can get a good workout in other than some pushups and crunches in the evening when little E is in bed. Last night, I pulled my big blue yoga ball out of the closet and dusted the cobwebs off of it.  The last time I used it was when I was getting through contractions and preparing to head to the hospital before little E was born.  Sad. Time to get back into shape!


  1. That's exactly when I used my own big (red) yoga ball last - the day I went into labour! Good for you on working out. :) I'm trying to get moving more myself and hit the treadmill and weights the other night for the first time in a while. Gotta get this pregnant body in better shape!

  2. Work it girl! I tried the hundred pushups challenge in the spring. Got to about 50 and got a really sore elbow so quit. But I think I might join you again. But I'm gonna go a bit slower (and not try to show off to myself).

    A quick workout at lunch is perfect. Get in the gym, get out. Work hard while you're there. You'll see awesome results!

  3. N, I'm sure kid1 and kid2 already give you quite a workout. Good for you for getting back on treadmill though. We all know that it can only help you :)

    I'm looking forward to my lunch workouts again!

  4. Alicia,
    This sounds like me! We cancelled our Y membership and I got one at work for lunch hours...sadly I can't find time at night to work out, so will go during the day. Playing sports helps get me out of the house and keep me sane though, are you still playing ball hockey?

    Are you still doing your Saturday am walks?

  5. Thanks Amber!

    Stephanie - yep, still playing ball hockey and indoor soccer at landsdowne too. No more Sat am walks...they started to die down a lot :) Are you playing any sports right now?

  6. Oh that's too bad, it would have been nice to get out...E wakes up tooo early!

    For me, ice hockey, ringette and floor hockey. I miss soccer though, I just couldn't keep up four sports with E around. Throw in another baby and I'm sure I'll have to quit all but one.

    FYI I too love Quinoa, my MIL gave me a great recipe book with some and I've been hooked too!