Friday, January 14, 2011


This week I experienced many unpleasant events that lead to:

Bruises on my back and arms.
A serious leg cramp and charlie horse in my leg…still lingering and causing a slight limp.
A cracked license plate and minor bumper damage.
A cranky, night-waking, diarrhea filled and diaper-rashed toddler.
Inedible soup.

This is what I have learned this week from my experiences:

Don’t forget to put my slippers on before going up and down the stairs with laundry baskets.
Give up on deaking in soccer…I’m just not that good anymore.
Give myself more room between cars during morning traffic in case the women in the fourth car ahead of me gets cut off and slams her brakes on causing a chain reaction and a five-car pile-up.
Don’t feel bad about bringing up issues with little E's child care provider especially when I suspect a milk or soy contamination (so much more to blog about this).
Give up the dream of making a good split pea soup or find a recipe that works. Huge fail on Wednesday’s dinner. Good thing I froze left over’s from last week!

Good riddance! Atleast I am learning, right?

Even though I had a shatty week, these are some reasons why I am still loving life:

Me (as we are getting out of the car): Come on, let's go!
little E: Movie?
Me: You want to watch a movie?
little E: YA!
Me: I'll think about it
little E: I'yo tink abowd it.

Me (as I turn the page in his book): Can you count the lights on the tractor?
little E: one, too, free, fowr, five, ssssix, aaate, nnnine, TEN!, telve, fowrtin, aaatetin!
Me: Wow, good job!
little E: I'yo tink abowd it.

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