Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My buns are cold

Remember when I took the first step to stop the RUSH that I call my life? Well, it went okay, I guess. In November, I kept a great routine of waking up when my alarm went off. In December, I think I only pushed the snooze 4 times a morning (I fell off the food wagon AND sleep-in wagon).

But now, in the New Year, we have a whole new ball game. You see, Hubby started a new job and now needs to be out of the house at the same time as me most days. Our previous morning routine included me getting myself ready while Hubby got up with little E and dressed and got him ready. He would then hand him to me and we were out the door. Hubby didn't need to be at work until on hour later. But now, we are still working on who showers first and who dresses little E. It's been an interesting change that we just need to get used to. We are going to pick up a second car seat to make things easier so Hubby can take care of some of the drop offs.  It's nice getting home around the same time and I don't feel like I am scrambling as much to get dinner on the table with a toddler attached to me.

We've made a few more changes too. Hubby cut back on his evening coaching commitment, which allows me to slip away a little more. I have also been working hard on staying on top of meal preparations and making lunches the night before.

And, remember how I ranted and raved about how
I loved having a second vehicle and how it made life so much easier now that we have three people to get places in a day? Well, a majority of that love came from the fact that I got to drive that second, newer vehicle with heated seats. But you see, Hubby is a now in a position where he needs to drive a presentable vehicle (seriously, I asked for proof and it is clearly stated in his contract that his vehicle needs to be a 2008 or older). So now I'm stuck with the old car and I really, really miss toasting my buns in the morning. How did I get the shatty end of this deal?


  1. A couple of days before Christmas 2009, I told Dan that I was going grocery shopping. Instead, I bought a new car. I'm funny like that. Anyway, the car had HEATED SEATS. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven! They really warm you up quickly! Everything was good until Dan decided that since my new car used less gas than his van, he should drive the car. I had to explain the facts of life to my Beloved... "If mama ain't happy then nobody's happy. If papa ain't happy, ain't nobody cares". If Dan would like a warm bottom, I suggested that he sell the van and buy a car with heated seats ... until then TOO BAD.

    Having said that, it sucks that it's in your husband's CONTRACT(!) that he needs a relatively new car. That would depress me. I think he needs to negotiate a raise so he can buy himself a new car, don't you?

  2. My husbands old junky car (well it's only a 2005 but it pales in comparison to our other vehicle) is standard (which I can't drive)! So I have a permanent excuse to drive the "good car"! :D It's blissful!
    But seriously, a contract needing a 2008 vehicle!! That's crazy! And I agree with the comment above lol RAISE!

  3. Haha he is in sales. He needs to arrive to meetings and appointments with clients with a nice looking vehicle. Our old car is a 2002 and not so nice. I get it. Plus he get's a car allowance and gas card which helps our budget a lot! With this added savings we will eventually get another nice car, but for now I'm shit out of luck.

  4. P.S. We are in agreement that the new vehicle is mine on the weekends (once we get a 2nd car seat). Even though he usually drives while we are spending family time on the weekends haha