Sunday, January 2, 2011


For the last five years or so on New Years day, Hubby and I have been playing in a charity snow (base) ball game. The teams are made up of friends of my in-laws and we share a lot of fun and laughs and harmless cheating for a good cause. A bright yellow soft ball is used for visibility in the snow and to make it just-for-fun the men have to switch-hit.

It was extremely mild in Ottawa yesterday and it made for great playing weather despite the slick melting ice. I have the war wounds to show it.

Little E had tons of fun playing on the side lines with the other children and one of my best friends, his Godmother (who was playing on the losing team), was happy to offer her watchful eyes while I was on 2nd base.

I came away with the Most Valuable (girl) Player award with my home run at first bat and my last hit scoring our team a run to break a tied game. Yeah, I am a mean snow ball player (NOT). But please don't get too jealous about my prize containing lavender grandma smelling bath soaps (which will most likely be re-gifted as a gag re-gift next Christmas).

Last night, as Hubby teased me about my MVP title, I started to think about my life goals and New Year's resolutions. We often joke about my position as the CEO of the family. I like to think that I call the shots (not to be confused as wearing the pants) and make executive decisions for my family. But being a CEO is a tough job. Quite frankly, I don't like pressure.

Starting now, at the top of 2011, I am declaring myself the MVP. We all know that there is no "I" in team, so we must work together as a team to accomplish OUR goals. As the MVP of the family I must not forget that I am the MVP of my own life as well. I need to take charge and make time for the changes, dreams and wishes I have for 2011.

I am assuming Hubby will be looking for his title and/or place on the team. Perhaps he can have the Sportsmanship Award for playing along with all my big ideas. As for little E; definitely the Rookie of Year.

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  1. I really like the new way you've come up with for looking at the Mom Role within a family. MVP pretty much sums it up...although (truth be known) I feel like Rookie of the Year most of the time!!!