Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mom Friends

I met so many wonderful Moms while I was on maternity leave. I was the first to have a child in my groups of friends and I didn't have any family in Ottawa to share my days with so I made a point to get out of the house not only for fear of going stir crazy, but to make some friends that I could relate to. It was so nice to chat about lack of sleep, breastfeeding and baby food recipes - things that wouldn't normally come up in my child-less group of friends. Many of these Moms I met through Ontario Early Years playgroups, library programs, Kindermusik and swimming I have stayed in contact with over Facebook.

About a month before my mat leave ended I started a stroller group in my surrounding neighbourhood. I invited Moms through a Facebook group page and before I started there were 22 Mom's interested. I've always been active and I knew that other Moms in my area loved going for walks through the trails in the park so I figured it would be a perfect fit. And my sales pitch? Stellar. How could you resist these reasons to join the group...
  • Stay in touch with friends you’ve met though playgroups/programs in the area
  • Meet new moms in the area!
  • Enjoy the convenience of a fitness program in your neighbourhood!
  • Stay in shape with the help of a strong support group
  • Have fun!
  • Get those buns of steal and six pack abs by doing what you’re already doing – pushing your stroller! (Yes, I actually said that).
  • Reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine for both you and your child
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your child

Well, at most throughout the summer we got a turn out of 5 Moms, but there was usually only 3-4 of us there. I loved meeting up with these Mom's, don't get me wrong, but it was hard to keep it up, especially in the summer when everyone is travelling and going to their cottage on the weekends (I wish). So, I ended it after a couple months and that was that. I valiant effort.

A small group of us have stayed in contact through play dates, activities and birthday parties. We are actually starting a monthly play date plan this weekend and I'm really excited that we have committed to a schedule. Little E gets a lot of social activity with day care, but to be honest with you this is kind of for me. It's so nice to catch-up with these Moms and our children are all the same age so it's fun seeing them interact with each other.

This weekend I have also signed up for an activity hosted by Kids in the Capital at Starr Gymnastics. I started going to Starr Gymnastic when little E was only 14 weeks for their Mom on the Ball class. Since he started walking I've been taking him to weekly drop-in play times. It's such a great way to run and bounce some energy out of him at the end of the day. So I'm really excited to meet up with the other Moms that will be there, especially the Mom bloggers that I have only 'met' online - I'm coming out from behind the computer! I'm looking forward to more activities in the future with this group of 'mom friends'.

Along with having 3 nephews born within the same year as little E, I now I have three friends that have had children in the last year and I feel a sense of relief. I get so worked up and excited talking baby and mother things with them - finally! It's just so nice to have that connection with family and friends that you are close to. I struggle to find time to meet up with them because they all live out of town but it's something that I look forward to scheduling time for. And I can't wait until we can have play dates when their children get a little older to run around with little E.

Thank goodness for my Mom friends. Mom friends rock!


  1. I was going to say that you're very lucky. But you're not. You have made an effort to have contact and enrichment, and it has paid off. Good for you!

  2. An amazing mother, and a wonderful friend. You rock too mom friend! :)