Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'll be right back!

Do you ever just feel like sneaking away for an hour or two? Just to get out of the house, gather your thoughts and clear your head?

Sometimes, once little E is in bed, I find an urgent reason to get out of the house. I'll spend hours just browsing a store just to have some quiet time alone.

We are all out of rice milk! I just have to whip up to the health food store! I'll be right back!

I think I need one of those tonight. Maybe I'll visit some home decorating stores or just go to a hardware store to get some painting supplies. But I'll make it last and I'll go up an down the aisles dreaming about all the big ideas I have on a tight budget.

I'll need to execute a sneak attack where I rush out so quickly that Hubby has no time to even think about intervening.

Before the Christmas break, I snuck out of the house to pick up some craft supplies and told Hubby I would be in an out in a flash. His response was, "This isn't going to be one of those - I'll be right back - that turns into an hour is it?"

Darn, he's caught on to me!

Like I said, tonight is going to require a serious strategy.


  1. LOL! I've totally been there! After 5 years, I have come up with a deal: I am "allowed" out once a week. To do whatever I want. I get to skip making dinner. Skip the bath. Skip the clean up. Because I deserve a break. The same is true for Dan, but he never goes out. Oh! It DOESN'T COUNT as a break if I have to go to the stores! And Dan is at home alone with 3 children (two 5 yr olds and a 2yr old). My advice? Just tell your husband that you're going out. Because you need a break. Because you are soooo much better after a break. Because you only have one child. He can handle ONE child, can't he? (Don't worry, but they time you have 2 kids, he'll totally be able to handle that too!)!

  2. OH YES. Much more so when the girls were small. I used to happily scoot out to the library. Three hours later .... I'd have a happy stack of books, having read a small stack in one of their comfy chairs. Loved it.

    For me the trick was to find things to do that didn't involve spending too much $$. (I'm thinking about my Shopping Embargo here, can you tell?) Other things that I discovered that took my edge off and loved doing included (a) taking walks around the neighborhood (b) digging around ValVill for great bargains (c) going to a movie. Yes, alone!!

  3. i think you have holes in all of your tights and absolutely need to get some.

  4. Alicia, I totally do this! Some evenings I have just said "oh I need to zip out for this..." - typically, I'm on the search for a specific item for a design project and I can obsess about that one thing for a chunk of time. I'll grab a starbucks and just browse. Bliss! But then there came a point that I thought it would be better use of my time to go to the gym instead of always wandering store aisles (if you kwim) and it's also a great way to break from the routine of "the house" while also taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. I love it. I come back feeling energized and positive. And my husband is definitely supportive of that!

    Having said that, I haven't been to the gym in months ... ;) I've just been too tuckered this pregnancy. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, enjoy your "me" time - it's good for your whole family!


  5. Success! It always helps when there is an important hockey game on and Hubby has no intention of getting off the couch anyways!

    @Gwen - "allowed", it's sad isn't it? I must admit though, we have used similiar terms. It is much easier now that little E is older and I'm not nursing anymore. Then the fight was that he "needed" me and I couldn't possibly leave.
    @andrea - I must try the movie - I've never been to one on my own :)
    @julie - or tampons...that one gets him everytime!
    @CozyChateau - so glad you stopped by...I can't wait to see the design projects you have lined up for baby #3!