Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Golden Arches

A friend of mine posted on Facebook last night expressing her disgust after seeing a McDonald's commercial that showed a pregnant woman eating their food. Have you seen this? I can't find it! Apparently she is dunking her McNuggets into to her sundae and as my friend explains it, that is just McGross!

I'm not going to lie to you, I love a good McChicken. I know, it's bad. Though, I honestly can't remember the last time I ate there. I'm sure we've all done it; had McDonald's or succumbed to a McDonald's craving while pregnant.  (Actually, my craving was for Harvey's.)  But the fact that they are promoting it just irks me.

About an hour later I was sitting around the house reading through some pamphlets and brochures I picked up at the Early Years Centre during last weekend's play date. One that particularly interested me was that of the First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program of Ottawa.

Skimming through the developmental milestones for little E's age, I jumped ahead to 30 months to see what types of things we will be looking forward to in the next 8 1/2 months.

This is what is baffling me:

By 30 months
  • recognizes familiar logos and signs - McDonald's golden arches, stop sign
Really? I hope they mean familiar by recognizing the neighbourhood or as a landmark as being close to home or another familiar place. I hope they don't mean familiar by = fast food. Although, in today's society I am sure it is the latter.

Currently, at 21 months little E has no idea what the golden arches are. I don't plan on teaching him in time for this 2 1/2 year old milestone either. Why couldn't they have chosen another universal symbol like a train or bathroom sign?

At 30 months if I child recognizes the golden arches, I am only assuming they recognize that this a place that they get to eat "yummy" food like french fries and chicken nuggets and ice cream .  At 30 months!?

This morning little E woke up asking us to get his skates and helmet to go to the canal.  Imagine he woke up asking us to go to McDonald's? This just worries me. 

Maybe I am just more careful because I know little E can't eat there anyways with all the additives that contain dairy and soy.

Am I the only one that finds this disturbing?


  1. I'm pretty sure they mean it as a landmark rather than a place to eat. But even that is disturbing. In fact, I found it very disturbing that my older son new all the car manufacturer logos before he was two. And they both recognized the Starbucks logo well before they were two.

    That must be because Starbucks is on our regular walking route, not because I would take them there every day (before I discovered how much better Bridgehead coffee is).

  2. I didn't take my twinnies to McDonald's until they were 4, and only because I was desperate! And they like McDonald's, but they hardly ever get it and they're fine with that. My 2 year old is CRAZY for the food. She totally recognizes the arches. I guess that's one of the benefits of being the third.

    I can deal with the children identifying logos and whatever. What really bothers me is the commercials on children's TV programing. I think that's unfair (as do the twinnies) because they are too young to work and, as a result, have NO MONEY! I have offered to rip their teeth out so they can get money from the tooth fairy, but both have declined the offer. So, they are left yearning for toys that they can't afford to buy.

  3. As a landmark still doesn't make sense to me. I understand younger children will mostly likely it learn from their older siblings. We have't dealt with commercials yet as I have been just sticking with a episode here and there of Dora or Diego on Rogers On Demand. I'm sure this will come as he grows older. I wonder why they wouldn't take you up on the Tooth Fairy offer???