Thursday, January 6, 2011

Four days

The cravings, the headaches, the fatigue.  I don’t know if I can do this anymore. I am going through withdrawals.

I think my body is in shock.  It’s screaming at me, “Where are the candy canes! The boxed chocolates! Nanny’s homemade fudge! Surely, you must have some cookies left from your cookie swap?!”

I come from a long line of addicts.  My Dad is Dutch and has a serious sweet tooth.  I’ll always remember watching him make his favourite snack - brown sugar on toast – no joke.  I guess it’s a Dutch thing.  He is the easiest person to buy for Christmas because all you have to do is wrap up some chocolate and he’s happy.  On Christmas morning, growing up on the farm, our stockings would not be filled with toys like most families.  They were filled with Dutch chocolates, licorices, candies and nuts.  I think all eleven of us have inherited/learned this addiction.  I know that my brothers’ wives joke about it as much my Hubby does with me.

As a joke, Hubby has often propositioned me for some pretty amazing gifts or prizes, given that I would have to give up chocolate for life. It never works.  Nothing is worth giving up chocolate bars.

Five pounds in the last two months.  That’s how much I have gained.  The thought of this and the fact that my pants are getting a little tight is is enough to curb my cravings.  I can’t believe it’s got to this. But, to be fair to my sugar friend, it isn’t just the sweets that have caused this.  I did participate in far too many food-centered activities including potlucks, dinners and cookie swaps this past holiday season.

As part of our plan to eat healthier, Hubby and I have cut sugar out of our diets this month.  We started back on our daily meal plans, including the dinner plans I have been doing for months now.  Although, sugar is sneaking into our diets in small doses through occasional sides of maple syrup and ketchup and a couple other things, we are mainly curbing our sugar cravings by eating fruits with natural sugars. 

We are also cutting out salt (I went as far as hiding the salt shaker), and continuing to make an effort to not buy over-processed/packaged foods. But the biggest issue is sugar for me and so far we have been off to a great start.

My name is Alicia and I am addicted to sugar. It has been four days since I last succumbed to my addiction.


  1. LOL!You never cease to amaze me. Cutting out salt. Fine. I don't even think that we have salt in the house. But sugar?! Good luck with that one. You can't even have ketchup?! Please, please, please keep me updated!!! :)

  2. hi alicia. i'm julie and i haven't had the strength to cut out sugar. i will continue to look for inspiration here and maybe one day i too can make that leap. that big scary, non cookie filled leap.

    good luck!

  3. Good for you! I never used to even like sugar until I was pregnant but now I can sit and eat a whole chocolate bar. But don't ask me to give up potato chips. That would be wrong.

  4. Well it's not easy but we have always allowed ourselves 1 cheat day a week. On cheat day we don't go crazy but give in to small cravings that are built up during the week :)