Monday, January 17, 2011

Dinner Diaries - Week of Jan 17

On the menu this week:

Monday - beef fajitas on whole wheat tortillas, refried beens, guacamole, house salad
Tuesday - thai chicken thighs, carrots, brown rice, mandarin spinach salad
Wednesday - chicken pesto panini, whole wheat rotini pasta salad
Thursday - tuna and sweet potato cakes, quinoa vegetable salad
Friday - crock pot meatloaf, roasted new potatoes and parsnips, chef salad

Little E has been taking an interest in all the salad we have been eating, but only if there is a creamy dressing on it.  He stole some caesar salad off my plate when I wasn't looking last week, but won't touch plain lettuce.  Apple cider vinegar based dressings that I usually make seem to be too tangy for him yet. Since he can't have any bottled dressings due to allergies I have found a few variations of dairy free dressings that I hope to try this week.  I will share the recipes if they turn out and win him over.

Do your children eat salads? When did they start? How do you make your salad appealing to your children?


  1. My 2.5 year old loves Caesar salad - she would eat it everyday if we made it. She also enjoys making it - dumping the salad in the bowl adding the croutons and dressing, stiring, oh and love to sample as she is helping :)

  2. That's awesome! I found a dairy free caesar dressing and I'm excited to try it.

  3. My twins ate salad for about a year, around the age of 2. Sarah (age 2), like E, will eat salad if it's covered in dressing. Actually, she also likes salad dressing on chicken. Weird, eh?

  4. the jb loves salad. and thank god, because there are some days that dinner isn't a huge suceess (in the making part) and at least i know he is getting some good stuff with a bowl of salad. ceasar is definitely a hit, but he also likes leaving greens with any sort of dressing. yep, i totally know i've won the jack pot on this one.