Thursday, December 9, 2010


Isn't it funny how you just get used to a routine with your child and then something changes and suddenly you are back to square one?

I was discussing this with a friend of mine recently. Her exact word to describe this very instant was, "WHAMMO!"

I remember when little E was really small and sleeping through the night at an early age. And then WHAMMO!, he was suddenly waking up every two hours to nurse. Okay, a growth spurt, I can handle this.

Then a few months later and and he was sleeping through the night again and WHAMMO! he was waking up screaming. Okay, teething, I can handle this.

Then there was the many episodes of waking up screaming with tummy cramps from dairy and soy products and countless other I have no idea why he keeps waking up nights.

Or what about when you just get used to a daily nap routine by the time they are old enough to start resisting and dropping a nap? Or when you just get used to nursing them outside of your house and they develop a need to constantly look around at their surroundings and won't nurse because they are too distracted!

These days, meals that little E once loved and devoured are being pushed aside - just when I started incorporating them into my weekly meal plans. And my once compliant little angel who didn't know any better is starting to push his boundaries and is saying NO way more than I am comfortable with.

My little man has always kept me on my toes and my advice to friends is to get used to it! It never ends. So put on your mommy catcher's glove because no matter how old your child is they will continue to throw these WHAMMO! curve balls at you.

I don't even want to begin to think about the teenage years.

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  1. I just get used to something and then it changes. I really just need to get used to change.