Friday, December 24, 2010

A tradition to hold on to

I am so happy I found the 25 Days of Christmas and that I was able to pull it together this year. We've created a new tradition in our house that we will cherish for years.

Although, we fell off the wagon a couple times in these last days due to busy work schedules and some much needed shopping time, I'm really happy with how things worked out. I already provided an update on our first 13 days, so here is an update of days 14-23.

14. Mail our Christmas cards. This didn't really involve the family as a whole because I ended up doing it on my own, but I'm happy that I scheduled myself in some time so I could get the job done this year.

15. Curl up with blankets and read Christmas stories before bed. Little E and Hubby enjoyed this one together with some books that we got at the library. It's amazing how exciting a kid gets when you throw blankets on the floor. I enjoyed a evening out (and a Milestones Bellini) with some friends that were in town.

16. We were supposed to get our baking done, but instead scheduled in a trip to Michaels for some Christmas shopping.

17. I ended up doing more Christmas shopping and cleared out our closets to donate some old clothing to donate.

18. Go crazy carpeting. I picked up a twister (saucer) and we had an awesome time going down the hill at the park. I think I had more fun than little E, especially running back up the hill time and time again once little E was no longer interested. Hubby was happy to give me a strong push down the hill and see me hopelessly flip off. Even the dog got a ride on the twister! That afternoon I got my baking done for my cookie swap, which I completely left to the last minute. However, the Flourless Chocolate Snow Mountains turned out great. And, I think I've gained 10 pounds from all eating nearly every cookie I received in the swap.

19. Visit my family for Christmas. We had a great visit and little E loved playing with his cousins and seeing Grandma and Grandpa. He was completely pooped at the end of the day and slept the whole way home. He was a little over-stimulated by all presents and the craziness from a house of 24 people and so we were up all night with a cranky over-tired little man. Sigh.

20. Little E and I made an ornament for his day care provider (check it out here).
21. Little E did some green and red finger paintings that are proudly displayed on our fridge.
22. We visited little E's Grandpa (Hubby's Dad) at work. Grandpa drives a Zamboni and little E was thrilled to see him in action. Although, we didn't go public skating, we visited the arena and checked out the stands and the ice - a perfect little field trip for our hockey crazed son.
23. Picture with Santa. Hubby and I were talking strategies in the line-up. How are earth were we going to get our shy 20 month old to sit on this weird looking man's lap? We chatted with Santa and he said Ho! Ho! Ho!, but little E was gripping onto my arm. The elves told me that the best strategy was to walk backwards so he couldn't see Santa then plop him on his lap and dart out of the camera's way. Well - it was worth a try. Not really sure why we would pay for these pictures - suckers - but they are pretty funny. I'm starting to re-think this tradition - it's kind of sad giving your child to a stranger and walking away. I feel more awful the more I think about it. I hope I didn't scar him for life.
I don't have access to a scanner, but I took some pictures of the pictures - I just had to share. Brace yourself.
Not impressed.
Pretty sad, right? Wait, it gets worse...

Poor kid. I actually feel really bad.

I liked last year's Santa much better. He had a real beard and wasn't busy talking on his blackberry when we approached him.

What a perfect little angel (that had no idea what was going on).

Oh well, some funny pictures to share with family and friends and to show the grandkids some day :)

There are a few things that we didn't get around to that I originally had on our 25 Days of Christmas list, but hopefully we still have time to do some before I go back to work in the new year.

I can't wait to see little E's reactions to his gifts Christmas morning and I'm looking forward to the next couple days with Hubby's family and building on our new tradition.

Happy Holidays!

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