Friday, December 10, 2010

Small stuff and little things

As soon as little E was able to focus we noticed his amazing attention to detail. As an infant he would gaze at a candle in the corner of the room or a tiny detail in a picture on the wall. While I found most babies would be interested in studying stranger's faces he would spot a necklace or earring they were wearing and fixate on it.

Like most babies, he was always fascinated with lights and when teaching him baby sign language this was the first sign he leanred. When entering a room he would spot the light and immediately reach his hand up and motion the sign. I soon found baby sign language to be perfect for him to communicate all the surroundings he was taking in.

While reading stories he points and announces the smallest details. Where some children might look at the big picture on the page like an owl in a night time scene he will notice far off in the distance behind the owl and the tree - a little moon in the sky. Hubby and I now find ourselves searching for those little things to join in the fun or try to beat him to the punch.

It was already dark (ugh) when I picked him up from day care last week and he was yelling, "pane! pane!" from the backseat. When we got out of the car he pointed to a tiny flashing light in the sky and a barely there silhouette of a plane. I had to double-take to see it.

This past weekend when we were driving in the car on the way to do some Christmas Shopping, he was yelling, "ducky! ducky!". A couple blocks later and as he got more and more frustrated that I couldn't see the duck and my patience was wearing thin from hearing the word ducky over and over again...I finally noticed that the truck we were driving behind had a small Ducks Unlimited sticker on it's back window. Okay, seriously, how did he see that from the back seat?

He just amazes me. I love his little quirky attention for details and ability to point out the smallest things. Seeing him light up when we let him know that we see these things too is priceless. Not only in raising him have I learned not to sweat the small stuff but he has taught me that it's the little things in life that count too.

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