Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Treasure Hunt: Clues & Instincts

This is post 2 of 3 about our child care search. The second step in a treasure hunt is to follow the clues and your gut.

Our first of three interviews was with Mrs. X. She lived a 10 minute walk from our house and little E and I popped in for a visit one afternoon during the children's quiet time. She showed us around the house and back yard. She went through daily routines and we had a lovely chat about our families and our similar passions. What I loved the most about Mrs. X was her amazing smile and you could tell that she loved her job. You could also tell the children adored her and she was already so loving and attentive to my little man.

I told her that I was meeting with two others and that I would make a decision quickly. She was confident that my son would be a great fit and agreed to keep the spot on hold for me. Coming out of that interview I was so uncertain if should continue with the others. She was so amazing...could there be anyone better? I discussed the meeting with Hubby and we agreed that I should follow through with my original plans to interview all three, just to be safe.

The second interview was horrible. My initial phone call with her was so deceiving. As soon as I sat down on her couch I wanted to leave. I just kept saying to myself, there is no way I'm leaving my child with this women. Her responses to my questions, her meal plans, her discipline tactics - everything was almost completely opposite from what I wanted and I couldn't help but compare her to my first experience. I don't even think she acknowledged that my son was in the room.

My third interview was over the phone. It was short and sweet, but I just couldn't get past the fact that my first interview was above and beyond this one too.

I gathered my notes from each interview and Hubby and I sat down together and discussed. It was unanimous. Provider #1, Mrs. X, was the leader and had both of our votes. Had we found our treasure?

Before we made our final decision I called to set up a second interview in the evening so Hubby could meet her too. For this meeting I had compiled a new set of questions including suggestions for a transition phase, fees and payment schedules, and last but not least a list of references.

I said I was taking this seriously, right?

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