Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Potty

Ok, so I was clearly jumping the gun with the potty training talk. Little E isn't quite ready, but he has remained interested. He continues to sit on his potty when Mommy and Daddy are in the bathroom and he comes running to me and grabs his diaper to tell me he's doing a "poo poo". The only thing is when I ask him if he wants to go on his potty - he screams NO and runs away. Oh well, he's still really young and I won't get too caught up in this yet. We'll take it slow.

I've been finding random potty books at the library and he loves them. Potty makes him laugh out loud. It's pretty funny and fun to read. I Go Potty! was a cute one too.

Little E loves reading books, so I thought he might get used to the idea the more we read about it. Any suggestions out there for potty training or themed books that your children liked?


  1. I tried a few ways, I bought a potty (never worked), I bought baby toilet seats (never really worked) and finally when Jack was 3 years old he decided he had had enough of diapers. It just happened one day.

  2. Ditto to Claire. Really no point in investing in anything beyond a step stool and a toilet seat ( you know the cushy little ones).

    Both boys trained on their own time. With the first I tried and tried to no avail, for a year, and he was finally ready just before he was 3.5. With the second, it took 2 days when I knew he was ready... 2 months before his third Birthday.

    Good luck, but don't expend too much energy on it. You'll dive the two of you crazy.

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies :)