Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Xmas 12

Okay, so I'm 4 days late...but I did do it!

I read about an hourly Christmas photo project that Andrea over at a peek inside of the fishbowl created and I decided to play along. I am by no means a photographer and actually feel like throwing my camera against the wall half of the time because I can't figure out the flash and the settings, but I stayed true to a picture every hour on the hour. Part of the reason why I wanted to play along was because last year, little E's first Christmas, I got hardly any pictures. Not this year! You can read more about the project on Andrea's blog, but the gist of it is:

The idea is to take one photo every hour, on the hour, for the whole
day. Christmas = chaos, so don’t worry about precision. We can only do our best!

My Xmas 12:

8:00am - Heading downstairs to see what Santa left us.

9:00am - Checking out his new books

10:00am - Watching a new Baby Einstein video

11:00am - First time on skates

12:00 noon - More gift opening and reading before nap time.
1:00pm - Baking some more holiday cookies
2:00pm - Packing up for our trip out of town on Boxing Day

3:00pm - Some last minute wrapping

4:00pm - Waiting for some afternoon snacks to fall

5:00pm - Dinner at Great-Nanny's

6:00pm - Admiring Great-Nanny's decorations

7:00pm - Testing out the new wheels
8:00pm - One last look at Great-Nanny's beautiful tree before heading home to bed


  1. Absolutely love this! What a wonderful snapshot of the day! Happy 2nd Christmas little E! :0)

  2. Awesome pictures! Christmas with the little ones is so cool. My daughter's first real Christmas she opened a big box of coloured pencils and laid on her tummy colouring for the rest of the day, ignoring the rest of her gifts.