Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grandpa Paradise

Last time we went back home little E learned the word Grandpa in the car ride down. He was such a good little boy riding in the backseat pointing to trucks and transports on the road during our 1 1/2 hour long drive. Constantly he would stop and ask, "Grandpa?" and I would explain where we were going and all the things and people he would see. He was clearly excited to go to the farm again.

When we walked in the door to find Grandma and Grandpa happily greeting us I told them that he did not stop talking about Grandpa on the way there. I could see my Dad's eyes light up and he quickly bent down and gave little E a kiss on the cheek and greeted him with the usual, "Hi big boy!". It made me so proud that he knew who his Grandpa was. Living out of town is tough and that is one thing that worried me - that he may play strange to his Grandparents and Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. But this wasn't really the case. He hugged my leg a few minutes but before we knew it he was off running around the house and soon enough was climbing up on Grandpa's knee for a bouncy horsey ride.

It makes me so happy to see my Dad relaxing and enjoying his Grandchildren and even happier to see that little E already idolizes him.

This particular visit he watched Grandpa intently. We watched him working in the barn, driving the tractor and when Grandpa wasn't in sight, little E recited his favourite farm words over and over. Grandpa. Barn. Tractor. Grandpa. Combine. Neigh. Moo. Grandpa. Meow. Hay.

Sept 2010 - Looking for Grandpa

He has been saying Grandpa repeatedly since we returned home. Men sitting in tractors in his farm books and on his Old MacDonald Baby Einstein video are now "Grandpa".

Only a few more weeks til my family Christmas gathering and little E will be in Grandpa Paradise again!

May 2010 - Loves to test out all of Grandpa's tractors


  1. That was really lovely. It must make Grandpa feel really good to know that he is idolized. It speaks volumes about him. Lucky E!