Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lucky #7 least, that's what I like to call myself.

I am the 7th child in my family of 11, yes 11 children. This is unheard of these days isn't it? (Besides of what we see on The Learning Channel lately).

I am lucky, why?  Well, because I was born on my parents wedding anniversary for one and secondly, after having a boy and a girl and four boys follow, my mom desperately wanted a girl for my older sister. So I'm Lucky #7 and I'm sticking to it!

My parents are devout Catholics and dairy farmers.  I grew up in a large old farm house. I am fortunate for many reasons to have grown up in a large family and the values that my parents passed on to me. When we weren’t doing our chores, we spent most of our free time outside...just like most grandparents today refer to as the 'good 'ol days'. In the winter we built snow forts, went tobogganing and skated on the pond. In the summer we went fishing in the ponds and culverts and loaded up in the station wagon and headed to the sandy beaches (Are we there yet?). We didn't have the video games all of our friends had and we weren't enrolled in organized sports or activities in the city. We enjoyed each other's company on the farm.

I didn't really realize the uniqueness of my large family growing up and going to elementary school in the small village. Everyone knew me and knew my family. In high school, however, I met new friends in the city and was constantly bombarded with questions. "Do you know all their names? How do you keep track of their birthdays? Can you say all their names in order from oldest to youngest, really fast? (I’m proud to say that I can still do this under 5 seconds). It was so foreign and exciting to my friends and to be honest I had quite a lot of fun with it.

The funniest question I get these days is, "Are you going to have 11 kids?" Um, NO. I can't even imagine it. I am baffled thinking about how crazy busy I am with one child, let alone how I would be with ten more. I won't be passing the Lucky #7 title on.  However, some day it would be a blessing to have siblings (or ‘a sibling’ according to Hubby) for little E.

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