Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinner Diaries - Week of Nov 29

Home sweet home!

This weekend turned out great. Little E and Hubby had a great weekend and Grandma was able to come over and help out and spend some quality time with her boys too.

My working weekend in Guelph went smoothly and I I forgot what is was like to watch mindless sitcoms while lying in bed, take long uninterrupted showers or to order food at a restaurant without considering others needs. And all that free time to make Christmas lists and catch-up on Google Reader on the train was so therapeutic. It was nice enjoying these guilty simple pleasures but I am very happy to be home.

So considering I ate like a pig this weekend, let's get back on track with a healthy dinner meal plan this week:

Monday - Something on the bbq (steak or burger patties), baked potatoes, garden salad
Tuesday – Quinoa and black bean salad and salmon loaf
Wednesday - Homemade chicken fingers and roasted fall vegetables, whole wheat buns 
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas, homemade guacamole, chicken fried rice with vegetables
Friday – Steak and potato skillet with beans, whole wheat buns

Bon appetit!

1 comment:

  1. Right. See you Thursday night! I'll bring the wine!

    I should write out my weekly dinner plan. After seeing yours, I'm sure it will make you cry!!!