Friday, October 22, 2010

Monkey Chatter

Last night, little E and I met up with some friends at Two Monkeys Coffee & Teahouse in Barrhaven. It was our first time there and we really liked it! I've been wanting to check this place out forever, but since returning to work, weekends are too jam-packed and weeknights are nearly impossible in the short time frame between dinner and bedtime. We really had to plan ahead.

I put a call out to our friends a few weeks ago since we hadn't got together in so long.  One is a long time childhood friend from back home.  It's a shame that we don't meet up more often - every time we do I feel like we are two young girls chatting and giggling on the school bus ride home again. It's really neat that we both ended up marrying and living in the same city and I love how we still have so much in common. It's always fun catching-up on each others family updates and of course a little hometown gossip :)

The other is a mutual friend.  I randomly met her when little E was around 6 months old at the Ontario Early Years Centre Infant Playgroup.  Her little man is just a few months younger than mine and so we shared a lot of mommy advice when we met up at playgroups, at the library and swimming.  I love how we also share a lot in common including natural childbirth, breastfeeding and homemaking our baby food. We have kept in contact through Facebook, but I was excited to see them again since the last time was right before my maternity leave ended - 6 months ago!

The little boys played while the three of us had our hot chocolates. Little E loved the ride on car and attempted to make a get away to the front of the store on more than one occasion.  His little friend was loving the kitchen and was cooking up a storm just like his Daddy does at home - lucky Mommy!  It was fun to see how they have developed since the last time they were together when they were only crawling. 

It's so refreshing to talk to women with similar views and family values.  I hope we can meet up more often from now on.  Two Monkeys really is the perfect place for a quiet chat and especially because the tots can't wander too far out of your sight, but at the same time can keep themselves entertained with all the toys and activities on hand. We can't wait for our next visit. 

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