Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mommy, book!

I love when little E follows me around the house saying "Mommy, book!". He loves his books and reading is our favourite quiet time activity. I've been reading to him since day one and one of our favourite places to visit is the library.

Hubby used to laugh at me when I would strap little E in the stroller when he was only a couple weeks old and march off to the library. I would come home with a stroller weighed down with books. We only had one car during my maternity leave (we've got a second since then - hallelujah!) and Hubby needed it for work. The library was one of the closest places for me to walk to when I needed to just get out of the house. Anywhere I went with baby was with the stroller or the baby carrier and I would walk my little heart out. Actually, I can probably credit the library for my quick baby-weight loss.

Our first mommy and baby group was Babytime at the public library. At three months old I would strap him in the Baby Bjorn and off to the libray we would go. This free program was my favourite. We met a lot of friends at Babytime and he loved the bouncy songs.

I am fortunate to have found a day care provider that shares my passion for reading. She has an amazing collection, especially of the Berenstain Bears. Usually on Fridays, I pack one of his favourite books in his bag to share with his friends. He loves showing off and pointing out all the things he knows.

Now, we head to the library every three weeks when the books are due and stock up. We'll be heading there tonight (thank goodness - we have been reading these ones over and over again!). In the evenings, before Hubby gets home from work, and I'm trying to get dinner ready, I read one page at a time as he pulls at my leg in the kitchen saying "Mommy, book!". On the weekends we bring books into bed first thing in the morning to put off getting up as long as possible. Before bed we read atleast five books. Some of our favourite bed time reads are Love You Forever, Mortimer and Rock-a-Bye Farm. Then, we always finish with Time For Bed, which I can recite with my eyes closed. We have always had this bedtime routine and he knows that once this book is done it's time to go to sleep.

It's time for bed, little mouse, little mouse...

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