Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting into the Halloween spirit

I've never been a huge Halloween lover, but having a child changes everything. I can't wait to show of his adorable little costume :)

A colleague and I organized a Halloween potluck in our office for tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the funny costumes and I can't wait for all the themed treats. Tonight I will be making witch's fingers to bring. I hope they turn out :)

We are also excited to carve our very first pumpkin as a family tonight. Little E was so excited when we picked the "pumk-a-tin" out. I can't wait for his reaction to the carving and gooey-ness.

Last Saturday, little E and I were invited to a Halloween party. It was a cute little gathering of friends that we met at playgroup. There were 7 costumed children in total and all the moms brought little snacks to put in each of the kids treat bags. I struggled with what to bring after the Mom organizing emailed out a list of allergies in the group. Little E has a sensitivity to dairy and soy and other children's allergies included peanuts, eggs and sesame. There aren't too many Halloween treats that don't include these ingredients! I wanted to give something healthy, because little E doesn't eat candy yet so I ended up bringing individual apple sauce cups and boxes of raisins. They seemed to be a hit with the tots.

Here is a snapshot that Hubby took before we headed off to our party:

My little horse and Mommy as his Cowgirl

Only 3 more days til Halloween!

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