Friday, November 12, 2010

Dinner Club

Five of my closest friends in Ottawa and I started a Dinner Club last year. Every month someone hosts at their house and is responsible for the main dish. The others sign up for sides, appetizers, desserts, etc to complete the meal. Oh, and don't forget the wine :)

When we started last year it was hard to find dates that worked for everyone and sometimes months passed by without a Dinner Club date. This time around we've created a schedule so everyone knows in advance which months they are hosting and we keep in regular contact over email to keep each other on the ball. I have January and July.

I can't express more how much I love Dinner Club. It is such a relief to get out of the house and laugh and chat with friends. We are a fun group of girls - some dating, some married, some married with children. It's like our own Sex in the City group. It's a great balance and the conversations are never dull!

Tonight is our November date. Usually Dinner Club is my once a month Mommy night out and Hubby and little E have boys night. But since Hubby has to work and I have a couple of events this month I'll be taking little E with me. It works out, because my friend that is hosting will have her baby there too.
Oh, and I have today off work. I decided I needed to book a ME day. I need to get some stuff done around the house and get working on some DIY projects that are piling up and that I feel like I never have time for. And I'll have to make the roasted sweet potato dish I'm bringing tonight. Oh, and maybe I'll have time to do a little shopping too. I better get started!

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